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Tell me the steps you take to monitor the quality of your work in your current job.
Tell me about a time when you used economic environment data to support a successful project.
Tell me about a time when you used industry data to support a project.
Have you ever had to persuade an executive (or other superior) to accept a proposal or idea? How did you go about doing it? What was the result, and how did you feel about it?
Describe a manufacturing issue you encountered. What design or process changes did you make to address it?
Describe a design that you helped develop to provide a high degree of manufacturability. How did it work and what was your measure of success? What was your scrap rate?
What experience have you had with manufacturing processes? What process are you most familiar with, and what has been your specific role in that process?
Describe a time when you had to make a very important and difficult decision that affected everyone in your department.
Describe a time when you collected, interpreted and analyzed information from a variety of sources in order to make a decision or provide a recommendation. What was the situation? Describe the various steps you took and how the led to the result you arrived at.
Describe a time when the data or information you were working with had gaps or provided an incomplete picture. How did you identify the gaps? Describe how you proceeded and what the eventual outcome was.
Describe a project or situation that required you to push your analytic thinking abilities.
Please explain to me a time you took a large software problem and broke it down into small pieces. Walk me through your thought process.
Describe your ideal tech stack.
Describe your experience working in an Agile environment.
Tell me your experience in Object Oriented Programming. Describe a recent project in which Object Oriented Programming was integral to your work.
Tell me about how you apply OOP to JavaScript. Give an example of a project where this was important.
How would you select the right development approach or architecture for a software project?
Talk about the pros and cons of front-end frameworks. Tell me about your favorite framework. Why do you prefer it and how does it compare to your least favorite framework?
Tell me about your experience and level of knowledge of JavaScript framework experience (MVC, MVP, MVVM)? Give an example of a recent project where you used a front-end framework.
Tell me about the front-end framework you are most familiar with. Please describe the structure of that framework, how it works generally, and talk about a recent project in which you used this framework.
How do you keep up with the latest standards in JavaScript and what resources do you use? What have you found to be really interesting from the past year?
What is the difference between == and ===? In what circumstance would you use ==?
Tell me about a time you had to debug a JavaScript issue. What steps did you take to resolve the issue?
How do you approach maintainability when developing a web app?
For developing an eCommerce application targeted at both mobile and PC browsers, what would be your choice for frontend and back end technologies and why?
Tell me about the major features of the web application that you last worked on. What was the application used for and who were the customers?
For a given application, how do you identify opportunities for automated testing? Which portion of the testing should remain in manual mode?
How would you test a React app?
How do you determine if you've written enough tests? Talk about the difference between integration, functional, and unit testing, and give examples of when you would use each.
If a major issue is reported with a feature that rolled out recently, how would you roll this back? How would this affect the overall DevOps process?
Give a specific example of a decision you made that was not effective. Why do you think it was not effective, and what did you do when this realization was made?
What are some of the most important steps you've used in making business-related decisions? Can you provide a specific example where you've employed those steps.
Talk about the difference between NoSQL and a relational database. Describe a scenario in which you would use NoSQL. Describe a scenario in which you would use a relational database.
Talk about a time you had database performance issues. How did you address them? What are some general strategies for improving database performance?
Tell me about a significant project that you completed on your own, without input from your manager or boss. What did you do when you faced difficult decisions?
'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.' Teams can accomplish big things together, but sometime you need to move fast. Tell me about a time when you chose to go alone in order to move quickly. What were you able to accomplish? What would you do differently next time?
Describe a challenging decision that you had to make without any help or guidance from others. How do you go about making the decision? Why were you unable to seek help?
Give me an example of a time you managed numerous responsibilities. How did you handle that?
Describe a time when you had to lead a group of peers? How did you handle it? Tell me about problems you had and how you addressed them.
Tell me about a time that you pulled your team together and raised morale through a transition or difficult time. Walk me through the process.
Tell me about a time you needed to set goals for your team. How did you get people on board with these goals?
Give me an example of how you have motivated your employees.
Tell me about a time you lead a cross-functional team. What challenges did you face?
Give me an example of a successful cross-functional project that you led.
Tell me about a cross-functional project that wasn't going well. What did you do to turn the project around?
Tell me about a time when you organized, managed and motivated others on a complex project from beginning to end.
Give me an example of how you have worked with your team to create a definition of the scope.
Tell me about a time you took a piece of software from idea to release with a development team. How far out did you plan and how did Agile benefit the process?
Please provide an example of how you used Agile in a recent project. Was it successful? Is there anything you would do differently?
Please share an example of a best and worst case scenario you have encountered in the hiring process. What did you learn from each example?
What social and soft skills do you typically look for when hiring software developers and why?
Tell me about a time you designed the architecture for a large software project.
Tell me about a time you designed a piece of software architecture from scratch. Talk about at least one of the obstacles you faced getting it off the ground and how you overcame it.
A client is explaining an idea that has the potential to grow in the future, but has low budget right now. What would you do to clearly communicate how changing circumstance may change the scope or cost of the project?
Describe a time you used your communications skills to negotiate with an angry person.
Describe a situation where you negotiated a resolution that was in everyone's best interest. What was the situation?
Tell me about a situation where you used asymmetric information to successfully negotiate a deal.
Give an example of when you used analytical techniques to design solutions to solve problems.
Tell me about an assignment where you had to amass a huge amount of data, and then analyze it.
How do you decide which tools are appropriate for different types of communication?
Tell me about a time what you received a very challenging email. How did you choose to resolve it?
Describe the most successful earned lead gen program you've led.
Tell me about your typical approach to lead generation. Give me an example of a time your strategy was successful and a time it was not, and talk about what you learned from each scenario.
Recount a time when you accommodated someone beyond your comfort level, though you didn't have to.
Describe the most significant risk you've personally taken in your career.
Tell me about a time that you took a significant risk that paid off for your team or company.
How do you resolve conflicts between team members? Tell me about a particularly intense conflict you have dealt with. How did you resolve it and what you learned from that experience?
Give an example of a few goals you set for a previous team. What did you measure or track? How did you align with company goals as well as with peer managers?
Please describe at least 2 methods you would use, or have used, to prevent burnout of employees. Talk about why you believe these to be helpful, and how you could possibly incorporate them into this organization.
Give me an example of 2-3 interview questions you commonly use for all candidates and explain why you use them.
If LinkedIn Recruiter is not giving you what you want, how do you input keywords? Other than LinkedIn recruiter, what sources do you use to connect with candidates?
Tell me about the most creative way you've sourced a candidate.
When sourcing for a niche role you�ve never encountered before, what steps do you take to try and understand the role? How do you decide what to look for? How do you partner with the Hiring Manager to ensure you�re on the right track for sourcing great candidates?
Tell me about a time when you found a candidate 'red flag' through interview questions. What did you do?
Please walk me through how you go about screening a candidate. What are the things you look for? What are some red flags?
What are some tools or strategies you have used to attract or source a diverse candidate pool?
How do you work to ensure a diverse workplace? What role should TA play in DE&I?
How do you prioritize which candidates should move forward to the next step of speaking with a hiring manager, especially if they already have limited time to speak with candidates?
Which ATS systems have you used and what is your proficiency for each? Which do you prefer and why?
How do you work to remove bias from your recruiting process?
How do you determine if what is on a candidate's resume is accurate?
Tell me about a memorable experience when you needed to motivate your team. What was the situation? How did you energize your team?
Suppose a timeline has not gone according to plan. What steps would you take to get it back on track?
At what point in planning your timeline do you take resources into consideration? How do you determine these resources?
Tell me about a project you've managed in the past in which you had to manage changing timelines.
What coaching or mentoring experience have you had? With groups or one-on-one? How did you determine the appropriate way to coach or mentor, and what were the results?
As a leader, one of your jobs is to provide direction and guidance for people. Recall a situation where you accomplished this in the past.
Give me an example of a time when you helped someone perform a task that you understood better. How did you approach the situation and what was the outcome?
Tell me about a time when you coached a coworker to help them improve their skills orjob performance.
Tell me about a time you helped a team member to enhance their work skills. Describe the situation, how you were placed in the position to help them, and talk about the outcome. 
How do you work with your coordination team to ensure interview schedules run smoothly? How do you troubleshoot with the coordination team if there are hiccups?
Every project wants to fall behind schedule. How do you determine when you have reached the 'point of no return' for being on time? What have you done in the past to recover?
Tell me about a difficult onsite interview schedule you've had to arrange. How was it resolved?
Tell me about a product launch that you feel went very well and one that you did not think went well.
Walk me through the launch of a product that you are proud of and in which you had a central role. Tell me about your specific role and why it was integral.
Tell me about a time when you were asked to provide input into a product roadmap. What did you do and what impact did it have on the overall marketing of the product?
Give me an example of a time you had to work with a set-in-stone product launch date. What issues did you face and how did you work to address them?
Tell me about a time that you created the go-to-market strategy for a product. Share your preferred approach.
Tell me about a time you defined the go-to-market strategy for a new product feature. How did you work cross-functionally to build this strategy?
What is product strategy to you? What is your preferred mix of execution vs. strategy in your day-to-day role?