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We're on a quest to reinvent how companies hire and how people find jobs — by making it more equitable, data-driven, and humane. If that sounds good to you, please apply!

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Our values


Business is a team sport. A company’s success is driven by the productivity of its teams. And a professional’s success is driven by the growth and support they receive from their team.


We play jazz. We’re comfortable with ambiguity and the unknown. We master our crafts, which empowers us to adapt to new challenges. We enjoy working together to figure things out as our circumstances evolve.


There’s a lot of technology that aims to replace or exploit people. That’s not what we build. We build products and services to serve people and unlock their potential.


We’re audacious. We go after big markets, big opportunities, and solve big problems. We dare to do great and have an impact on the world around us.

Learning Mindset

We seek to understand things at their roots and build from fundamentals. We continuously research, inquire, and test to improve our thinking.


We are obsessed with forward motion. We have much to do. We know that perfect is the enemy of good. So we charge ahead, thoughtfully but quickly.


We believe there is magic in simplifying the complex. We seek to do this in everything - our products, company, messaging, business model.

Proactive Communication

Whether we're working with candidates, teammates, partners, or investors, we seek to keep everyone informed and work through issues head on. We think that's the right way to treat people and it helps us work and grow together.


We debate thoughtfully and discuss ideas openly in search of the best answers. If a decision is ultimately made that we disagree with, we trust the process and our team and get behind it 100%.


We nurture ourselves, our families, and our environment. Taking care of ourselves and loved ones gives us energy and fuels the passion and enthusiasm we pour into our work.
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Our benefits


Competitive salary


Employee stock options




Casual office


Comprehensive insurance


Generous paid time off


Parental leave


Wellness benefit


MacBook, big screen


Work from anywhere


Pet friendly


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Our current openings

Don't see a job that's a good fit? We're always looking for people who are passionate about our mission. So are our partners.