Your company mission statement is important. Tell your story.

A good mission inspires current and future employees and tells partners and customers why you care.

When WhoCo CEO Amit Kapur and I talk to founders, we tell them your company mission statement is really important. It’s an opportunity to convey your company's purpose in a way that will connect with people—that will inspire current and future employees and tell partners and customers why you care.

However, we also warn founders that your mission needs to mean something—that it can't just be empty words—and that you also need a story that connects a lofty mission with the here and now. You need to clearly explain how your deeper purpose addresses real desires that people have or real problems customers are facing.

Without a good story, you might convince half the room. The optimists and believers might applaud you, but the skeptics and realists won't have much to cling to. And we need those skeptics! We need people who can look at a big goal and see the dependencies, obstacles, and questionable assumptions that are standing in the way and will work creatively to confront these challenges.

So tell your story. What does your mission mean? Why did you choose these words and not others? Convince the skeptic that your mission is more than empty words.

WhoCo’s mission statement & story

WhoCo’s mission is to unlock the world's talent by putting people in jobs that make them happy and successful.

We love our mission, and we believe in it. We think it conveys our deeper reason for existing and hope it will resonate with the people we care about: our employees, people looking for jobs, people hiring people, team builders, and leaders. But we also think that for a lot of people it might sound a bit hollow without going a little deeper. So, let go deeper; let’s break it down piece by piece and explain why we chose these words and why we’re passionate about our mission.

The world’s talent

Who’s got talent? Human beings are incredible! When we look around, we are inspired.

  • Inspired by invention: Where would humanity be without tens of thousands of years of invention? People turning ideas into things? People building on top of other people’s ideas and inventions to build new things? The speed of innovation continues to accelerate. The next generation of inventors is alive today, and the fruits of their ingenuity will completely remake the world.
  • Inspired by craft: When people commit their lives to their passions, amazing things happen. In sport, in design, in music, in education, in business, in medicine, and in basically any place you look, where people have invested in their passions, they’ve developed incredible skills and become masters of their craft.
  • Inspired by creativity: Watch a 5-year old with a blank piece of paper and some paint. Creativity is an innate human characteristic. When combined with knowledge, experience, or craft, people push boundaries and innovate.
  • Inspired by hustle: There are a lot of theories about what makes a startup or new business successful. Hustle or grit is almost always in the mix. With hustle alone, people get stuff done; when you combine hustle with creativity and craft, people make great things happen.
  • Inspired by diversity: When we look at all that people have accomplished ☝️, the unique talents they’ve cultivated, the marvels they’ve created, and the heart and energy they’ve invested in their passions—the common thread is that human talent knows no boundaries. People from all cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, beliefs, and backgrounds are capable of amazing feat—often even in the absence of opportunity they deserve.


We believe that every human being has the potential to develop unique and wonderful skills and talents but that life is filled with obstacles. Potential talent needs to be unleashed so that people can shine. WhoCo wants to remove the barriers. One of the biggest is archaic or ad hoc hiring practices that are biased or exclude people. This is an obstacle that serves no one and that we’re passionate about removing. Hiring should be fair, transparent, and inclusive.


People deserve happiness. We want to help them find it in their work. Happy, inspired people are more likely to succeed, and when employees are happy, companies thrive.


Beyond happiness, we believe people deserve to succeed. Not only should people dream, but they deserve an opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions and jobs that enable them.

Putting people in jobs

WhoCo exists to help people find great jobs and help companies find great people to work for them. We succeed when you land your dream job or when you make your dream hire.

Putting the pieces together

WhoCo’s mission is to unlock the world's talent by putting people in jobs that make them happy and successful.

How to bring your company's mission statement to life

If you made it this far, we hope you have a better idea of what WhoCo’s mission means, that you believe us and that if our mission speaks to you as a potential employee, partner, or customer, you'll consider joining us on our journey. Even if our mission doesn't resonate with you, we hope you have a better idea of why a mission is important and what you might do to bring your mission to life with your employees, partners, and customers.

Some parting tips on how to tell your story:

  • Don’t assume people will get your mission simply by reading it.
  • Especially early on, give your mission some space to evolve and change.
  • Think big. Think beyond where you are today. Missions provide a shared sense of purpose and a shared goal that is often perpetually out of reach. Don’t be afraid to be aspirational.
  • Write a narrative describing your mission (like this blog post!) to help solidify its meaning.
  • Share your mission and narrative with your team and talk about it.
  • Put your mission where it matters—where potential employees, partners, and customers will see it: on the about page of your website, on your career page or in job posts, in public announcements or descriptions of your company.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.