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Meet WhoCo.

August 24, 2021
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Iโ€™m very excited to introduce you to The Who Company. We're a group of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, engineers, and talent leaders. And we're working on a solution to help companies make one of their most important decisions: Who to hire.

People spend half of their waking hours at work. Yet a Gallup study of over 230,000 people across 142 countries found that for nearly 90% of us, work is more often a source of frustration than fulfillment. In other words, 90% of adults spend half their waking lives doing things they would rather not be doing at places they would rather not be! ๐Ÿคฏ At WhoCo, we believe one of the root causes of this is a systemic failure to put people in jobs (and teams and companies) that truly match their skills, interests, and values. We aim to change that. It's our goal to give everyone a fair shot at finding a job that makes them happy and successful.

This is our first public announcement, and we wanted to share a bit more about ourselves. We got started a couple years ago, and we've raised $20M led by our co-founder and Chairman Tim Armstrong. This has given us space to deeply understand the problem, develop our solution, and build our team.


The problem

There is an enormous human and economic cost to hiring mistakes. For individuals, it costs years of their lives, well-being, and lost potential. For companies, hiring mistakes hurt productivity and team morale. Nowhere are the risks and consequences greater than with startups, where each new hire has a disproportionate impact on the team. And considering the huge volume of new jobs created by startups and the fact that most founders are never taught how to hire (I certainly never was!), we thought this was the perfect place to start. Sure, there are tools out there (from Google Docs to Airtable to ATSs), but none of them provide guidance or data to help companies hire. And when you have high-risk, challenging terrain in front of you, you need a guide! Thatโ€™s where we come in.


Our solution

Our first product provides guided hiring for teams. Our data-driven tools guide startups to โœ๏ธ write job descriptions, ๐Ÿ” screen applicants, and ๐Ÿค run interviews. With WhoCo, everything is connected, so the job description you create informs the interview questions you ask and the scorecard you use to make smart hiring decisions. This gives startups a top 1% hiring process that reduces bias, revolves around data, and is customized to their company. It's a product we wish we'd had when building our own companies in the past, and we can't wait to share it with more companies and evolve it to their needs.


Our team

To pull this off, we've used WhoCo to hire an extraordinary team. Most recently, Sabrina Kelly, the VP of Portfolio Talent for Techstars, joined us as our Chief Talent Officer. Sabrina has helped hundreds of startups build their teams, and she helped scale Techstars to over 250 employees across 20 countries. When we developed a partnership with Techstars, we were blown away by her leadership, team-building and recruiting expertise, and personal alignment with our mission. She joins our existing team, including top engineers from Amazon, product leaders from Bird and GOAT, designers from Headspace, and leading data and HR scientists.

Underneath it all, we're driven by a shared belief that everyone deserves a fair shot at landing a job they'll love. A job that brings out the best in them and unlocks their potential. We find our inspiration in helping others find theirs. That's our mission. To put people in jobs that make them happy and successful. We hope you've got a job that makes you feel that way now. And, if not, WhoCo will be there to help you find one in the future.


If you're hiring and feeling the pain, I'd love for you to give WhoCo a spin.

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