A better path for recruiters

We're building something new at WhoCo. It's the first flexible work option for experienced recruiters, and it has the potential to change our whole industry.

Recruiting can be an amazing career path. I’ve found it super rewarding to help people find jobs that inspire them and, in turn, help companies make intelligent team decisions that fuel the success of their business. If you play your cards right, it can also be lucrative. (Do you sense the "but" coming?)

But career path options for recruiters can be limited. If you go in-house, you can see your work's long-term impact, but it can be risky. You're the first hired in good times—and the first to go if the market shifts. And agency environments, candidly, often suck. There are some great ones out there, but they're rare. Most have low standards, are high-churn, and can be absurdly competitive. The volatility has only amplified since the beginning of the pandemic.

In 2020 recruiters were laid off in droves. By the end of 2021, a rapidly-changing labor market led recruiting to the top of the market again. With recent market shifts, we're starting to see this next wave of layoffs hitting recruiting again, and it's tough to swallow.

What options do you have as a recruiter to control your destiny? Once you have some experience under your belt, going on your own is an option, but it's hard and can be prohibitively expensive. You have to buy a bunch of tools to source and manage relationships and then figure out how to spin up enough business to keep a steady income. Once you conquer the hurdle of the upfront costs, you have to become your own salesperson—which for many of us, isn't what drives our passion for this work.

We've seen high-standard, flexible labor networks and marketplaces pop up for all sorts of professionals. There's BetterUp for coaches and Compass for real estate agents, but nothing with the same level of vetting, standards, and accessibility for recruiting. And there should be; it's precisely the type of work a recruiter can do well on their terms. There just hasn't been a solution that has put it "on rails" enough that it was possible.

So we built one. We have the tools that make it easy to get set up as a contractor, choose the types of searches and engagement level you want to commit to, and get paid fairly for the work that you're doing, with success kickers for placement. We have all the functionality you need to source and manage pipelines, data, and relationships at a high caliber so you can get started with no upfront expenses. And we handle all of the business development, so all you need to worry about is the candidate experience. We believe in transparency; our platform lets you see the entire interview experience plainly, so you'll feel confident you're passing candidates into a fair, inclusive, ethical process.

We're selective about the recruiters we bring into our network. We have incredibly high standards for our work, and this is no exception. On average, we look for recruiters with at least eight years of experience at high-growth technology companies. We pay them to undergo training on inclusive sourcing and candidate experience to ensure we are all operating with the same quality standards.

The pay structure is simple. We have a few different engagement levels you can pick based on the kind of work and time commitment you make.

  • Use our platform for sourcing only.
  • Or you can use it to source, screen, and submit candidates for roles.

Deeper engagements and more challenging searches command higher hourly rates. All work comes with a transparent success kicker: if the company hires a candidate you found, you get a bonus.

Today more than 40% of Americans have side hustles. Looking at how the market has treated recruiters over the past few years, we think an option that gives you high-quality work on your terms is way overdue. We believe the recruiting industry is ready for disruption, and we're the ones to do it.

Will you join us?