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Guided hiring for teams.


Bias is human (it still sucks)

The goal of every hiring manager is to hire the best person possible. Unfortunately, bias gets in the way.

Involving your team in hiring

Modern work is teamwork. It’s rare for someone to succeed in a role by working alone. In many ways, our ability to solve problems and get things done at work relies on working well with and magnifying our teammates’ expertise. As such, hiring for a great team gets the team involved.

Six job description fails to avoid

Your job description is a candidate’s first look at your company and the role. Good job descriptions inform; great job descriptions can attract and excite. But poor job descriptions can be fatal—they may attract unqualified candidates and even deter top talent from applying.

Just tell candidates what you’re going to ask ahead of time

99% of job interviews are a complete black box for candidates. Candidates typically know when to show up and, if they’re lucky, who they’ll be meeting. If you’re on the company side - the hiring manager or an interviewer - this might sound like enough, but if you’ve been on the other side of the table - as a candidate - it sucks. The less a candidate knows, the more likely they are to fail.

Eight questions not to ask candidates in interviews

Whether you’re a first-time manager or a seasoned executive, hiring is tough. You'll likely base your decisions on information you glean from interviews. But your interviews are only as good as the questions you ask, and the road is lousy with pitfalls. There are tons of great interview questions to ask based on the skills you’re looking for, and many to avoid. Let's talk about those questions to steer clear of.