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Our story

We’ve spent our careers building innovative tech companies. As company leaders, we know the highest impact decisions are hiring decisions. But we always found the process of hiring to be messy and difficult.

We believe technology can transform that process and help companies and candidates make smarter and faster hiring decisions. But technology alone is insufficient.

Hiring is a very human decision for candidates, managers, and teams, and it requires a human touch to develop relationships and guide the process.

That’s why we’re building a talent platform that combines powerful tech and the savviest recruiters—a platform not geared toward filling seats but building teams. And ultimately, a platform that gives every professional access to superior resources—advisors, technology, and data—to find their place on a team that inspires them to do their best work and help change the world.

Our vision

A world where every professional finds their place on a team that inspires them to do their best work.

Our core values

Our values guide us toward our vision and influence every aspect of our business, from product strategy and hiring to recruiting principles and marketing.

🎷 We play jazz. We’re creative, improvisational, experimental, and responsive, and we move forward even if a note doesn’t hit right.
The world is full of possibilities to explore. We challenge our assumptions and seek to find the truth. We are always learning new things.
Different perspectives strengthen us and the teams we help build. We encourage everyone to fit in as themselves and not put on an act.
We don’t stop. We keep moving forward, experimenting with new things, and finding ways to improve. We charge ahead, thoughtfully but quickly.

The teams our leaders built helped make these organizations what they are today

Our advisors

World-renowned experts in talent, human resources, management, and data science.

Dan Jurafsky

Dan Jurafsky is Professor of Linguistics and Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He was the recipient of a 2002 MacArthur Fellowship, is the co-author of the widely-used textbook "Speech and Language Processing", and co-created one of the first massively open online courses, Stanford's course in Natural Language Processing.

Edith Cooper

Edith Cooper is one of the nation's leading Black business executives, having spent 30 years on Wall Street. She is the co-founder of Medley and sits on the board of Slack and Etsy. Previously, Edith was a Partner, Executive Vice President, and the Head of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs.

Peter Capelli

Peter is a Professor of Management at The Wharton School. He was named by HR Magazine as one of the top five influential thinkers in management, was elected a fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources, and is the author of "Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs", which identifies shortfalls in current hiring practices.

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